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The Breakfast

Burst of flavors, a complete, healthy pleasure

Breakfast at Au Bois Joli, including four services, will appeal to the most discriminating palate and surely, (- refined fruit entrée, tasting of breads and homemade jams - compotes - different daily complete meal main dish - dessert table featuring our famous maple syrup pie daily) all including choice of beverages.

  • Local produce and recipes
  • Healthy menu, colorful and flavorful, different every day of the week
  • Seasonal homemade foods, like our palate wakening fruity entries, tourtiere, a seasonal specialty, tasty and varied omelets, stuffed fine pancakes, maple ham (we do our own maple syrup in a country sugar shack!), homemade jams, cookies, cakes... not to mention the famous maple syrup pie, a family tradition that feeds every morning's conversations.

Do not hesitate to let us know of any allergy, intolerance or food preference at the time of your reservation.

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